Red Wine

Red Wine

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Our Organic Red Wine Vinegar is made from a blend of fine California red wines which are then aged in oak barrels, not stainless steel tanks. Aged patiently from a blend of organic Italian grapes for a splendid, full-flavored vinegar, it is ideal for salads, pastas, marinades and sauces. Drizzle it on fresh vegetables right out of the bottle, or mix with your favorite oil for a savory dressing.

Notes: The aroma and character of full-bodied organic red wine gives this vinegar its spicy, strong flavor. Red wine vinegar is perfect for salads, sauces, Mediterranean dishes, and marinades.

Recommended Pairings: 

  • Roasted Walnut Oil
  • Garlic EVOO
  • Koroneiki EVOO
  • Arbosana EVOO
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