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This is genuine Balsamic vinegar of Modena, Italy with whole fruit Tangerine essence added. The blend of 12 and 18 year balsamic results in a lower acid level offset by a tart citrus flavor, which makes this a customer favorite. It has both a sweet and tart taste which makes it a perfect pairing with our Herbs de Provence oil.

Notes: Can be used as both a vinegar and/or a condiment on dessert dishes such as fruit medleys and ice cream. This balsamic makes an amazing chicken dish. Marinate chicken breasts for one hour, then grill and top with a tablespoon of apricot preserves before serving. Serve with roasted veggies and brown rice. Delicious!

Recommended Pairings: 

  • Herbs de Provence EVOO
  • Blood Orange EVOO
  • PIcual EVOO