Persian Lime Sea Scallops & Peppers

5 Tbsp Delizia Persian Lime Extra Virgin Olive Oil

6 each sea scallops

1/2 cup each green and red peppers, cut into 1/4 inch strips

lemon zest, to taste

skewers, as needed

black pepper to taste

Begin by preheating broiler.  In a mixing bowl combine sea scallops with 5 Tbsp of Persian Lime olive oil, lemon zest, and black pepper.  Next cut red peppers and green peppers into strips big enough to wrap around scallops.  Place peppers in broiler till they start to blacken.  Take roasted peppers and wrap around scallops securing them with a skewer.  Place skewers back on broiler until scallops are almost firm. 

6 scallops each skewer per serving

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