Champagne Grapefruit Balsamic Sorbet


3 cups good quality Champagne

1 cup granulated sugar

1 1/4 cups water

1 cup Delizia Grapefruit White Balsamic Vinegar

1/3 cup lemon juice freshly squeezed


Pop cork from champagne bottle 1 to 2 hours before serving.  Gradually pour champagne, allowing for foaming, into a 2 hurt container, set aside.  In a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine sugar and water.  Stir until mixture comes to a boil; reduce heat to low and simmer 5 minutes.  Remove from heat, cover, and let stand approximately 10 minutes or until cool.  To champagne, add sugar syrup, grapefruit balsamic, and lemon juice (do not strain pulp from juices); stir until thoroughly blended.  Transfer mixture to ice cream maker, process according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Freezer Method - Pour into container, cover, and place mixture in the freezer.  When it is semi-solid, mash it up with a fork and refreeze again.  When frozen, place in a food processor or blender and process until smooth.  Cover and refreeze until serving time.

Makes 8-10 servings

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