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Oh, Olive



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One of our highest phenol olive oils, this Kalamata olive oil has savory vegetal notes of asparagus and artichoke, giving it a unique distinctive flavor and astringency.

Greek Kalamata Olive Oil Health Benefits derives from the healthy fats and antioxidants found in Olive Oil.

It is widely known that Kalamata Olive Oil is an “Olive Oil King” and is considered one of the healthiest oil for cooking, frying, and eating. According to the American Heart Association, Olive Oil produced in the Mediterranean coast are heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. Choosing a good quality unfiltered Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil brings lots of benefits to your health and lowers “bad” cholesterol. On top of these benefits, Kalamata Olive Oil can also contribute to healthy digestion, prevent cancer and other diseases.

Biophenols 496 Dags 97.4, Oleic 75.3, PV 4.6, FFA .018

Country of Origin: Greece

NOTES: Try this bright EVOO on any of our pastas for a healthy and flavorful summer dish. Great for marinades and on salads.

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